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Shure purchased the patent for the "Roswellite" ribbon technology in 2009 from Crowley & Tripp, a small-quantity microphone manufacturer which operated out of Ashland, MA. This patented material is based on nano-scale shape memory material which can take extreme amounts of SPL and return to its original shape.

The Shure KSM353 is part of the line of "Roswellite" ribbon microphones. The KSM353 is a true bi-directional microphone with even response from front to back, and deep nulls on the sides for rejection of bleed from other instruments or sound sources. With a very deep low-end response and an emphasis around 100Hz, the original Crowley & Tripp model ("El Diablo") was actually designed as the "perfect" kick drum mic in collaboration with the staff of Mercenary Audio.

Product Specs

  • KSM353 / ED
  • Black
  • 2010s

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