The Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Classic pedal emulates a high-quality tube preamp with a 100% vacuum tube signal path and true bypass circuitry. Featuring two 6021 dual-triode tubes, the Twin Tube Classic provides tone control knobs for Bass and Treble as well as Rhythm and Lead channels. Each channel has its own Volume and Gain knobs, and the Twin Tube Classic also features On/Bypass and Channel Select footswitches.

Product Specs

  • Twin Tube Classic
  • Orange
  • 2000s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Seymour Duncan Twin Tube Classic
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  • Both pedals sound great

    Verified Purchase

    I have both the Twin Tube Classic and the Blue. They use different tubes and are really aimed at different styles of music. The Classic will give you that classic rock crunch ala Marshall through the Gain Channel, and a slightly overdriven sound through the Rhythm Channel. The Blue is definitely aim…

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  • 凄く良い! 最高の現実解か?

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    デカい! 電源が特殊過ぎ! 等の欠点はあるものの、音は最高だった。クリーンからして張りのあるあの音が出るし、そこからゲインを上げていくと良い状態のデラリバがフルテンになったような良い感じのオーバードライブサウンドに。リードチャネルはかなり豪快にディストーションする。真空管っぽい歪みの最高傑作。これだけ担いで行けば現場のアンプはジャズコでも良いかもしれない。心配な点は真空管が下手った時のメンテナンス面のみ。

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  • Outstanding!😃

    Verified Purchase

    Very Cool! Been Wanting one for few years, extremely happy. Thanks Reverb for making the process quick and painless. Slash had or has in his chain and i really like ease of use and sound!

  • Love it, but read this first...

    Most of these units are going on 10 years old now, so even if the user didn't use the effect, the heaters are always on in the tube. It's time to replace the tubes. I was able to do this myself because I was a tech, and I opted for the 6111's they use in the Blue Tube as opposed to the 6021's they u…