The Roland RE-201 Space Echo is a tape echo effect unit featuring a built-in spring reverb tank. Manufactured from 1973 to 1988, the RE-201 runs a loop of magnetic tape across several tape heads to create its distinctive analog echo. It features 11 different repeat modes as well as a reverb-only mode, wet/dry mix for Echo and Reverb, Bass and Treble EQ knobs, Repeat Rate and Intensity, two mic inputs with volume knobs, one instrument input with volume knob, and dry and effected output jacks.

Product Specs

  • RE-201 Space Echo
  • Black
  • 1970s
Made In
  • Japan

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Reviews for the Roland RE-201 Space Echo
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  • Our favourite tape echo.

    For us this is the king of the tape echo castle - a magical combination of the Roland preamps, that classic spring reverb, all-discrete circuitry, the EQ, the musical heritage of these machines, the head spacings and combinations... we could go on. We're huge fans of dub production and its wider inf…

  • The Magic Box

    There is something magical about tape echoes. I used to have (at various times) a Roland RE-201, Roland RE-501, Roland SRE-555, Multivox MX-201 and Univox EC-80A. I haven't heard a pedal yet that replicates it correctly. The fact that they use a physical tape means that they are capable of gene…

  • Number one happens to be number 201

    Verified Purchase

    There's a reason there are a few small businesses thriving solely on the maintenance and refurbishment of these units. No other unit sounds like golden age Roland tape echos. Each unit has distinct artifacts and if you're not scared of the inside the internal trim pots offer a wide range of play f…

  • Re 201 space echo

    Verified Purchase

    This space echo is sick! What really matters about it is that it works perfectly fine. When purchasing the echo I thought there would be a little less wear on the body as it was posted to be in excellent condition. Also one of the latches don't shut which I was not notified about. Aside from that th…

  • Tape delay all others are compared to

    Verified Purchase

    If you are looking for sustain on a guitar solo... RE-201 If you are looking for warm echo/spring reverb... RE-201 If you are thinking of a pedal to do this, DON'T... RE-201 Anything in the mid range you need fattening... RE-201 Nuf, said.