The Roland Micro Cube Guitar Amp allows players to get an authentic electric playing experience in a confined space without sacrificing tone. Weighing just under six pounds, the Micro Cube comes packing with eight COSM amp models ranging from a pristine clean to a bluesy twang to a roaring metal with the twist of a knob. Further sculpt your tone with dedicated sections for Delay/Reverb and Modulation totaling eight onboard effects for a smorgasbord of sound in a tiny package.

Product Specs

  • Micro Cube
  • Black
  • 2012
Made In
  • China

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Reviews for the Roland Micro Cube Guitar Amp
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  • Verified Purchase

    Best mini amp for travel ,handy and affordable..

  • Verified Purchase

    Works well as a mini-amp. Even better as a pre-amp. It has many usable effects and beats spending hundreds of dollars on multiple pedals.

  • Verified Purchase

    What a great amp.! Couldn’t be happier.

  • i have owned many

    unbelievable little gem,,,,,,,,I HAVE USED IT ON DUVAL STREET MIC UP!!,,,big PA,,three piece rock band,,turn the amp backwards miced with a 57,,,blew the house away,,GAS MONKEY Bar and Grill,,

  • It's a fun little piece of poo!

    Verified Purchase

    If you like Boss effects (and who doesn't), you'll dig this amp! Of course it's not going to sound like Van Halen, Petrucci, Akiras, or anyone elses rig (that's ridiculous), but it's a really good practice amp with some typical generic Boss/Roland models. Of course this amp has it's limits, and if y…

More Information

Part of the Roland Cube series, the Micro Cube is a battery powered guitar combo with onboard amp models and effects. Since its introduction, the Micro Cube has been one of the most popular examples in a growing category of portable amplifiers with included tone-shaping features. This amp has been offered in a number of limited edition colors as well. 

Years of Production: 2000 - present

Electronics: 2 watts, solid-state signal path, 1 x 5-inch speaker 

Effects: Onboard delay and reverb, seven amp models, flanger/phaser/tremolo,chorus

Controls: Gain, Volume, Delay/Reverb, EFX, Tone, Amp model, Tuning