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The Roland JUNO-DS61 digital synth is an awesome update to the Juno-D and Juno-Di keyboards, giving you a huge range of sounds and functionality for modern live performance and studio work. The Juno-DS sports 61 velocity-sensitive keys that feel solid and comfortable to play, as well as eight "Phrase Pads" that can trigger anything you need for your show -- single-hit sounds, extended samples, even entire songs. One of the biggest improvements in this model is in the piano and organ sounds, part of over 1000 sounds that come stock with the keyboard. From there, you can build your own custom patches and expand further with the Wave Expansion Slot. Add to this an 8-track sequencer, a killer vocoder, and an integrated USB interface and you've got an awesome keyboard that's built for today's performers and studio musicians.

Product Specs

  • JUNO-DS61 61-Key Digital Synth
  • Black
  • 2010s

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