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It's quite likely that nobody has been inside more vintage Gates Sta-Levels than Retro Instruments founder Phil Moore. These old 1950s broadcast limiters have almost always been in various states of disrepair and Phil knows them inside and out, and can bring them back to their former glory. His Retro Instruments recreation of the classic Sta-Level, however, is undoubtedly a more versatile and useful piece of gear which packs the right modern features in with the tone of this huge tube classic -- an absolute star on lead vocal and bass guitar. With more switchable release times and timing multipliers, balanced XLR I/O, integral tube balance testing, and more readily available tubes, the Retro Instruments Sta-Level is ready for decades of trouble-free operatiopn in the modern recording studio.

Product Specs

  • Sta-Level Tube Compressor
  • Gray
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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