Featuring a streamlined design of only volume and fuzz knobs, a compact design and an internal rechargeable lithium ion battery, the Red Witch Seven Sisters Ruby Fuzz is a space- and power-saving pedal with a big presence. Capable of working on a standard 9V or operating independently on the internal battery, the Ruby is capable of adding everything from a vintage germanium-esque fuzzy edge to a silicon-like buzz bordering on distortion.

Product Specs

  • Seven Sisters Ruby Fuzz
  • Red
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Red Witch Seven Sisters Ruby Fuzz
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  • Not so (warm&) fuzzy

    Verified Purchase

    I purchased Ruby and Grace(Compressor) at the same time. Grace has been a delight to share jam time with, see separate review. Unfortunately Ruby seems o have suffered an ailment of some sort infecting her "Fuzz" pot. Any adjustment of this control results in 'popping' and increased hissing. I …

  • Ruby Baby!

    Verified Purchase

    This Red Witch Ruby Fuzz sells itself on the lithium battery and small footprint (both big pros on a board of course) but really the pedal excels at providing a very usable fuzz with less volume drop than other fuzzes out there. This is wonderful in front of an amp with a nice crunch channel, a love…

  • Simple and to the point

    Verified Purchase

    A very neat pedal. Simple, straightforward and does the job. No fancy extras just a good working fuzz with an okej range of "fuzziness" to blend. No surprises, neither good or bad, The low footprint on the board is a plus. Build quality seems very good on first impression but of course need some rea…