Built with a compact design, streamlined interface of two knobs and an internal lithium ion battery capable of continuous use for 120 hours, the Red Witch Seven Sisters Grace Compressor offers boutique-quality compression without sacrificing board space or your wallet. Able to dial in warm, sustained compression reminiscent of the classic pedals, this effect is an excellent option for easily incorporating compression into your rig.

Product Specs

  • Seven Sisters Grace Compressor
  • Blue
  • 2013

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Reviews for the Red Witch Seven Sisters Grace Compressor
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  • Verified Purchase

    Does what it’s supposed to with only 2 knobs & works great in combination with my Violeta delay & Zeus bass fuzz!

  • a touch of (amazing) Grace

    Verified Purchase

    Sometimes ya need to reign in some of the ambient 'dynamics to emphasize the heart of the tone you want. A good. simple, effective compressor can be just the tool. I've found Grace does just that trick (gracefully) with the compression control between 10 & 2 o'clock and the volume set to suit th…

  • Simple is good

    Verified Purchase

    Sometimes you don't need all the dials. Just sometimes. Sometimes you just need the thing to do the thing you want it to do. Grace does this. She's pretty and I like her.

  • Miss grace

    Miss grace is playing well with new neighbors. Works as advertised.

  • Good Sound, Short Lifespan

    Verified Purchase

    I bought mine used on reverb. Got it home and it sounded great, I used it regularly on my board for almost a year, and then one day, its crackly and it wont turn off without being unplugged. All in all, a failed experiment I think.