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Reviews for the ProCo Small Box RAT 1984 - 1988
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  • Vintage ProCo Small Box RAT

    Great distortion for beginners and advanced players alike. The tone knob reacts more like a treble roll off than a traditional tone knob. It does a great job imitating a Marshall JCM 800 style distortion and can get it through a clean amplifier platform. Great for students looking to practice Slash…

  • ProCo Rat Pedal (small box 80's)

    Verified Purchase

    I love this pedal. It adds an interesting tone and bite that I don't find in other pedals. I use it almost like a channel in an amp. At lower "distortion" levels it feels like a tube amp that has warmed up after a long set. Two cons - 1 the power supply is a awrkward but easy to get over and the …

  • RAT !!!

    Verified Purchase

    After years of searching to replace my 1984 White Face RAT that was stolen I finally found one on and it is amazing !!! Not funky or mistreated but played just the way you want them!!

  • For me it's the perfect overdive/distortion pedal

    Verified Purchase

    It's clear and reactive pedal. You can get many sound from clear high push to distortion via some creamy clear overdrives. Thank you to the us seller. Christophe from France.