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Reviews for the ProCo RAT 2 (Flat Box) 1988 - 2002
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  • Verified Purchase

    Rat with old 308 chip delivers the sound for sure

  • US-Made Rat

    Verified Purchase

    These things are awesome. It’s not that they’re just different from the modern ones, they sound all-around better. Wish I had bought one back in the day and kept it. Now that I have one, it’s with me to stay.

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  • Verified Purchase

    Got a tube amp? Push it with a Rat and you are instantly transported to 1985. Glam, Thrash, Punk, Grunge, Sludge, Death, Black, Doom. This is THE pedal that turned the power chord into a lethal weapon. A weapon wielded by so many nameless drop-outs, there isn't a book big enough to list them. What l…

  • I mean, it’s a Rat.

    Verified Purchase

    1988 flat-top USA Rat 2 LM308. Sounds like a Rat. I play bright guitars (Jazzmaster, Telecaster) with a bright amp (Super Reverb) so the “filter” knob is at about 80%. Any less than 3pm on the dial is too shrill. I keep the distortion knob pretty low, maybe 20%, and this pedal adds nice distortion on top of my Arc Klone v2.