The ProCo The RAT pedal was first manufactured in 1978, and has since been used by countless artists for its simple yet unique distorted sound. It features an LM308 op-amp noted for its poor slew rate, which creates a more distorted tone despite the simple circuit's resemblance to other distortion and fuzz pedals. With three knobs for Distortion, Filter, and Volume, the RAT is the quintessential distortion pedal.

Product Specs

  • Big Box RAT V2
  • Black
  • 1981 - 1983
Made In
  • United States
Pedal Format
  • Standard

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Reviews for the ProCo Big Box RAT V2 1981 - 1983
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  • Verified Purchase

    Fast service and the product is as described. Thanks so much!

  • LM308 is where life is at

    Like Big Muffs, all RAT's sound a little different, and i finally found mine after going through about 15 of them - an '82 Big Box. It's just....better.... than the rest. LM308 chips stopped after 1995-ish, the new ones are way too harsh and just don't hold a candle I haven't found a suitable clone…

  • Only RAT is Real

    You like Sunn 0)))? Morbid Angel? You like you guitar sounding like a demon escaping the uncompromising maw of the abyss? This pedal is for you. This gain sounds great in standard, but downtune that guitar and you find this pedal opens up a fuzzy, yet clear sludge portal which you will want to d…

  • The RAT is a fantastic, dirty overdrive pedal made for AC/DC type power chord riffing and screaming solo tones. With its three simple knobs, this pedal is easy enough to operate and the tone it produces is unforgettable. Just use the distortion knob to dial in the gain, use the filter knob to dial i…

  • My ugly baby

    I have an early 80's Rat that I got as a gift from my guitarist in 2009. He said "it's too sludgy for me—might sound good on bass, though." I will never give this pedal up, even after finding out what it's worth (It's got the LM308.) It opens up really nicely, presence is never an issue (because ye…