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Reviews for the PreSonus Temblor T10 Active Studio Subwoofer
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  • Verified Purchase

    Works Great

  • Amazing Low End - Crystal Clear

    Verified Purchase

    This sub is absolutely amazing. It's got tremendous power. Very punchy and warm at the same time. I've never heard the lows like this before (and I've tried out every genre you can imagine!). Definitely recommend for a studio or just for great listening in your home! If you want it for your home theater, this will work amazingly as well.

  • Amazing Product

    Verified Purchase

    I bought mine B-Stock, and apart from the front speaker grille being separated from the ​rest of the cabinet, it is in flawless condition. A 10" sub is w​ay too big for my small 11'x12' bedroom, so I have the gain attenuator around -20db or close to whatever max attenuation is. That is helpful for m…

  • Wow

    Verified Purchase

    It really added a ton to my JBL 305's. Glad I did the upgrade. It is capable of producing way too much bass. I tweak the setting back since I am not making thumper music.

  • Incredible

    ^ Incredible