The PreSonus Eureka puts punchy Class-A tone into the hands of the hobbyist and home studio engineer. This combination preamp/EQ/compressor has mic, line and instrument inputs to perfectly process any sound source you've got. It all starts at the mic pre -- this Class-A amplifier has +22dB of headroom and plenty of dynamic range to handle the loudest and quietest signals and variable impedance to properly interface with all of your mics. The compressor is fast and fully variable, and the 3-band EQ is fully parametric with overlapping bands providing a plugin-like control to further shape your tone. Out of analog inputs on your interface? Grab the optional A/D card and send a high-res signal to a digital input on your interface. If you've got a free rack space that needs filling, pick up a Eureka today!

Product Specs

  • Eureka Channel Strip
  • Silver
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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