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Reviews for the Pedaltrain Classic PRO w/soft case
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  • Verified Purchase

    Seller posted honestly and shipped very fast. Excellent deal!!!!

  • Pedaltrain classic pro

    Verified Purchase

    The classic Pro pedalboard by Pedaltrain is a large, solid foundation for which to mount your pedals. This is the first ‘pro’ style board that I’ve purchased, however my previous board (that I built to Pedaltrain specs) was based on the classic pro, but only 22 inches wide. I basically outgrew tha…

  • Pedaltrain rules.

    Verified Purchase

    If you got the bread and a need to fill real estate with shiny little boxes, then its should be your go to. Sturdy and large enough for most uses.

  • Verified Purchase

    Es gigante, robusta y bien construida. Una vez con los pedales, pesa bastante, pero es cómoda de transportar. Viene con velcro y bridas para enganchar los pedales como quieras.

  • The Pedaltrain Classic PRO, while heavy once you start adding more and more pedals on there, is indestructible and reliable to get the job done!