Orange's OB1-300 is a 2U 19" rackmountable bass head with 300-watts of Class A/B power. The instrument input is switchable for active and passive instruments, and the signal is split between a clean path and a more driven harmonic path which can be blended together for a composite sound.

A 500W version (OB1-500) is also available.

Product Specs

  • OB1-300 300w Bass Head
  • White
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Orange OB1-300 300w Bass Head
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  • Orange OB1 - 300

    Verified Purchase

    Excellent, works fantastic, I'm basically getting 2 of them and going to do some Bi amping which seems to have been lost in the marketing of amps playing through the same speakers... 810's, 410's, 2x10s I think the new bass players don't quite understand what Bi amping really is. I'm going to put t…

  • Good head, though I feel it is lacking compared to other products

    Verified Purchase

    -Good fuzz/distortion options -Nice design, lightweight -Decent power -Good controls -------------------------------- -Lacks punch if that is what you are looking for. Doesn't seem to have a lot of pop behind it -Is a tiny bit noisy, hum wise...but this is a very minor issue -There isn't a lot of c…

  • Perfect

    Verified Purchase

    This head sounds great. 10/10.