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Emulating the vintage sound of analog "oil can" delay units, the Old Blood Noise Endeavors Black Fountain Delay features Time, Feedback, and Mix controls as well as a Fluid knob to add modulation to the repeats of the delay signal. The Modern mode emulates units such as Fender Echo-Reverb and Morley EDL, with the Vintage mode adding a gain to the repeats. Organ mode features a short-delay "oil can" unit emulation with spring reverb, such as the ones found on the Fender Dimension IV or Tel-Ray Deluxe Organ Tone, and the Mix knob at 100% wet in this mode produces a lush vibrato sound. These rare delay effects have now been reincarnated anew in this unique modern delay pedal.


Product Specs

  • Black Fountain Delay
  • Graphic
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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