Neumann BCM 104 Large Diaphragm Broadcast Condenser Microphone


The Neumann BCM 104 is a top-shelf large diaphragm condenser microphone designed specifically for broadcast and voiceover applications, using the same capsule as the Neumann's flagship digital condenser microphone. Almost completely flat and transparent from the bottom of the frequency range through 3kHz, and then gradually lifting in high frequencies for a subtle air and brightness, the BCM 104 also has a removable head basket for easy cleaning and integral pop-filter for protection against plosives when worked up close. If proximity effect becomes an issue, an internal switch engages a high-pass filter to get rid of any muddiness or rumble and provide crystal clear transmission of your voice to the masses.

Product Specs

  • BCM 104
  • Nickel
  • 2010s

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