Released in 1974, the original MXR Phase 90 was one of the company's first pedals and helped solidify the brand as a staple on pedalboards worldwide. The first Phase 90s came with the coveted script logo, but MXR swapped it for the block logo in '77. Whether you're using it to get Van Halen's "tone in a box," or building out your own sound, the Phase 90 is one of the most popular phasers on the market for a reason.

Product Specs

  • Phase 90
  • Orange
  • 1974 - 1989
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the MXR Phase 90 Vintage
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  • Yet Another Benchmark Piece From MXR

    Verified Purchase

    There's an overwhelming number of phasers on the market. This is a benchmark piece. I generally don't use pedals, but, I'm so interested in the original technology and why specific guitarists use them and where all today's versions come from. I had to go right to the source. The specific one I boug…

  • pink floydian

    Verified Purchase

    just what i was looking for and sounds great

  • 80's block logo MXR Phase 90

    Verified Purchase

    I have had a 90's Dunlop-era Phase 90 for years, and liked it. A lot of the time though, it seemed like a bit too much. I watched a ton of demos of vintage script versions, and while they seemed cool, they also could seem a little too subtle. The prices on them are sorta crazy too. I got to borr…

  • 1-Knob is all you need!

    Verified Purchase

    These old Script Logo Phase 90's are the Best - Carbon Comp resistors, Vintage IC Chips, and a simple design. The vintage vibe is subtle but hard to beat. Smooth, Round 3D Swirls, with no harshness on the top-end...

  • MXR Phase 90 Block Logo vintage

    Verified Purchase

    The old block phase 90 is a perfect phase. It just works. Find one that hasn't been messed with internally. The new stuff is great too, but does not have that broken in feel like the old units.