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Reviews for the MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay
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    Verified Purchase

    Built like a tank.Easy to get the perfect amount of delay/ feedback/ repeats you want.Keeping this one..Dave B.

  • Best Delay Money Can Buy!!!

    Verified Purchase

    Tones of quality usable delay options.. The Modulation button adds a chorus type effect. Great product and easy to use!!! This is a killer machine and must have!!!

  • Verified Purchase

    Great pedal for anyone wanting simple analog delay. I personally live the pedal bc you can set it up and leave it alone and play afterwards.

  • Verified Purchase

    5 minutes and it went back in the box to be sold. But then I gave it another try. The subtle settings are very much like reverb only a little more interesting. Clean tones stay clean. I'm just not a pedal guy but the Flint Reverb sounds better than Fender spring reverb, and this delay pedal gives d…

  • Not a fan...

    Verified Purchase

    The pedal construction itself is solid, and the overall quality by MXR is excellent...its a beautiful looking pedal. As far as the circuit goes, I honestly dont like it at all. The output is quiet...I dont think the output is even at 0 full level the output is much quieter than the input sig…

More Information

The MXR M169 Carbon Copy Analog Delay is a contemporary delay pedal with roots deeply planted in the classic tape echo tones of the past. While it may lack the elaborate controls of some digital modelers, it more than makes up for it in its tried-and-true bucket brigade-driven analog tone. For players looking to get their feet wet with delay, the Carbon Copy has served as an easy choice for years, earning its spot in the pantheon of modern pedalboard standards.

Simple Controls, Unlimited Sound

The straight-forward layout of Regen, Mix, and Delay controls on the Carbon Copy provide an extremely open-ended array of delay tones to work with. Regen controls the number of repeats in the delay signal, while Delay controls the time between each repeat. The Mix knob adjusts the level of dry and delayed signal going to the output.

With the mix down and the Delay and Regen on the lower-end, you get light Nashville-like slapback for all your chicken pickin' needs. Flip the Regen and Mix to max, and fiddle with the delay knob a bit, and you've walked clean into noise-laden basement show bliss. The Carbon Copy does it all and everything in between in a small, easy-to-use format.

Classic Analog Delay Tone

To achieve its clear, warm tone, the Carbon copy relies on a traditional bucket brigade chip with up to 600 milliseconds of delay time. Even when set to max for some more chaotic feedbacking sounds, the tone stays warm and true, echoing the glow of an old tape delay. MXR that laid the groundwork for some of the most popular effects circuits of all time, and their commitment to no-nonsense analog tone shines through with the Carbon Copy.

What's That Mod Switch For?

In addition to its normal parameters, the MXR Carbon Copy has a small control for modulation which adds more color to the delay trail, bringing the sound even closer to the warble of a vintage tape machine. Under the hood, two trimpots allow adjustment over the width and rate of the modulation effect. For new Carbon Copy users, it's best to adjust these up a bit when first using the modulation as the factory presets can be too subtle.

Don't Delay!

Whether you're looking for just a hint of studio echo or to get lost in cascades of noise, the Carbon Copy is a great way to add some delay to your chain. Plug in your guitar, bass, synth, electric accordion or really anything else with an output, and step into the world of delay.