Classic analog filter pedals for bass may be harder to come by than their guitar-oriented counterparts - but the MXR Bass Envelope Filter is here to fill that gap. Dry and Effect controls help you dial in your desired mix of affected and unaffected signals, and you can shape those filters using the Decay and Q controls. Sleek and intuitive in the small classic MXR housing, the MXR Bass Envelope Filter will help you add the subtlest of filters or totally bring the funk.

Product Specs

  • M82 Bass Envelope Filter
  • Dark Sparkle
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the MXR Bass Envelope Filter
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  • Great pedal for funkin it up.

    Verified Purchase

    I had an EHX Qtron for years. It was a great envelope filter but was taking up too much space on the pedal board. So I sold it and got this pedal. Let’s say, the MXR is no qtron in the sound department. It has some features that the qtron lacked (mainly being able to blend your dry signal) while la…

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  • Pefect

    Verified Purchase

    Bien emballé expédié rapidement non produit : parfait !

  • Great Wah, Small Footprint

    Verified Purchase

    I had pretty much every MXR Bass Innovations pedals except for the Bass Envelope because I had a Cry Baby bass pedal and didn’t think I needed it. Finally, because I love MXR pedals, I tried the M82. Now I have more room on my board because the M82 is just better and provides more control over a greater dynamic range variations. I really love it. Makes me want to stomp

  • definitely the sound you are looking for

    Verified Purchase

    rubber band happiness is in store

  • So funky.

    Verified Purchase

    It’s the sound. Easy to dail in. Which is great because the envelope opens different depending on the output of the bass you’re using. And if you switch axes, it’s nice to be able to tweek on the fly quickly. It stacks great with compression, distortion, and octaves. Great pedal. I’m really happy with it.