Mutable Instruments Yarns (factory build / not DIY )
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The Mutable Instruments Yarns is a comprehensive MIDI interface for Eurorack that provides 4 channels of CV/Gate conversation as well as some additional features such as arpeggiator, euclidean sequencer, and a step sequencer based on the Roland SH-10. Up to four monophonic voices can be derived from Yarns, as well as 2 and 4 voice modes in polyphonic or multi-timbral modes. Other significant features include micro-tunings and a unique feature that can take an audio output from one CV and turn into a digital oscillator.

Specs: 12HP, +12V: 60mA ; -12V: 2mA.

Product Specs

  • Yarns
  • Silver
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Mutable Instruments Yarns
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  • The bells and whistles have bells and whistles

    Excellent unit for all types of MIDI control. Endless possibilities. Still finding new and creative ways to use it!

  • Well designed and implemented, easy to use

    Verified Purchase

    There are lots and lots of features in this thing. Read the manual and create a few setups for quick recall. Anything else with this many features will cost more than double the price. I have a Midi 3, but it's a lot more basic and not as flexible.

  • Useful

    So many features. Maybe too many features - that would be my only critique. It can be a bit overkill, which is a weird complaint (which is why I kept 5 stars). For midi to cv it is wonderful. I do recommend especially for a new build.

  • Awesome polyphonic midi to CV module

    Verified Purchase

    I'm very pleased with this module. It may not have all the features that other midi to CV modules do but for the price it has a ton of use. Editing is incredibly intuitive, I spent several days with it before I took a look at the manual online. Build quality is fantastic, sequencers sync to external…