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The Stringray bass was introduced in 1976 and has since become Music Man's most iconic instrument. As a result of a 10 year non-complete clause signed by Leo Fender when he sold Fender to CBS in 1965, Fender did not start building new instruments in ernest until the mid-'70s. The Stringray is an absolutely central example of Fender's initial reemergence, and features a hard maple fingerboard as well as innovative active electronics. Leo Fender parted ways with Music Man by 1979 which makes the earliest Stringrays the most highly prized.   

Years of Production: 1976 - present

Electronics: Single humbucker with early onboard battery-powered active preamp

Body Style: Offset solidbody

Wood Composition: Select hardwood body, Maple neck with Hard Maple fingerboard

Design Elements: Bolt-on neck, dot inlays, 34-inch scale length, string-thru

Notable Players:  Flea, John Deacon, Colin Greenwood

Product Specs

  • Stingray
  • White
  • 1978