Featuring a sturdy design and approachable interface of intensity, speed, and reverb controls, the Mr. Black DeluxePlus combines the vintage surf sounds of tube tremolo and spring reverb in one effect. Built on bias-modulation circuitry with the option to operate each effect independently or in tandem, the DeluxePlus can summon Dick Dale tones in a box or add a new dimension to garage, indie, or post-rock.

Product Specs

  • DeluxePlus Tremolo / Reverb
  • Teal
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States
Pedal Format
  • Standard

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Reviews for the Mr. Black DeluxePlus Reverb & Tremolo
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  • Verified Purchase

    Superb pedal! Americana in a tiny box. Quality enclosure and nails that Fender sound. Love it!

  • Sweet Classic Verb & Trem Tones

    Verified Purchase

    Very awesome 2 in 1 unit. Very clean (no noise), great trem and I love the Reverb control sweep. Goes from very subtle to way over the top splash (surf's up!). Highly recommended.

  • Honestly

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal does not have a hiss. I have clean power on EVERY pedal. NO daisy chains, none. It great Reverb and Tremolo. It goes over the top too when you want it to. IT does what it is supposed to do and becomes super jangly when over the top. Enjoy with confidence. ****** Stop Reviewing if you have Daisy Chains ********* Not fair to sellers

  • Delicious Deluxe

    Verified Purchase

    It's just what I needed for my practice set up. Very organic sounding spring reverb. I keep the 'verb' dial about 9o'clock, and dial in the trem settings as needed. One thing I noticed is that this pedal makes some hiss if plugging into a class A amp. That would be the 12AX7 amplifying the effec…

  • Verified Purchase

    All these tones in one pedal, it's the bees!