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Reviews for the Mooer Shimverb Reverb
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  • Verified Purchase

    Love my new Mooer shimverb. Playing at home I use my Laney Cub 10 and like almost all small tube amps there's not a reverb and the shimverb duplicates in every way ( well except when I sometimes give a little kick to an amp to get that spring to echo so beautifully 😜) I haven't really used any ot…

  • Delay for days

    Verified Purchase

    Fun to mess around with, intro to ambient reverb and great stompbox for the price point. Cheers alex

  • Meh

    Just ok

  • Great Tiny Pedal For The Price!

    Verified Purchase

    It is well constructed. It has true bypass which is nice. The tones are great and sound fantastic. The switch is loud (aren't all of them, though?)

  • Great pedal for the money.

    Verified Purchase

    Pros: •Great variety & flexibility of tones (nearly identical to the spring reverb in my Rivera combo) •High quality construction •Small footprint on pedalboard Cons: •Noisy footswitch

More Information

The Mooer Shimverb is a reverb that offers three reverb modes. Two are classic (room and spring) while one is modern (Shimmer). The primary control is for Decay, while the secondary controls are for Level and Color.