The Mission Engineering Rewah Pro is a superbly overbuilt boutique wah with a versatile tone that can go from modern to vintage and everywhere in between. Built around a custom inductor with audiophile specs, dual transistors and a JFET output buffer, the Rewah Pro offers exceptional bass response and extremely low saturation compared with vintage wahs. A four-way internal voicing switch allows it to take on a variety of tonal characteristics, adjusting the Q and gain specifications for any genre. From funk to metal to country, the Mission Engineering Rewah Pro excels in any wah scenario.

Product Specs

  • Rewah Pro
  • Blue
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Mission Engineering Rewah Pro
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  • Verified Purchase

    Would give the unit 5 stars but for two quibbles. Like others I think the unit could use an on-indicator lamp. It should also have a switch setting to lower the Q of the coil giving it more range in the mids.

  • Best in Class

    Verified Purchase

    I've heard great things of the Crybaby rack-wah, BUT- I was wanting a pedal. I've bought about four others Crybaby, Vai-bad Horsey, Tremonti and a Petrucci. In my Ears opinion, this is by far the best. It is not exagerated on the top and bottom ends. It picks the middle of the foots back and forth m…