From the sonic adventurers at Meris, the Enzo is a synth pedal that can transform your guitar signal into a myriad of different textures, voices, and sounds. Based around two oscillators with selectable waveforms, the Enzo has multiple envelope types, Mono, Poly, and Arpeggiated synth modes, and a sweeping range of other tunable options and settings. While the learning curve can be a little steep, the Enzo should be at the top of the list for those seeking an unrivaled experience in the realm of synth pedals.

Product Specs

  • Enzo
  • Gold
  • 2018

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Reviews for the Meris Enzo
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  • Tread carefully. Great features, but misses can't be overlooked..

    Verified Purchase

    Remember be nice...k. I got it. This is a freaking amazing pedal. Bad controls. Extremely sensitive and moody. Be careful.

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  • Packing a lot under the hood

    Verified Purchase

    I am blown away with this pedal by itself before I add it to the chain. There is a delay with tap tempo,a filter,envelope,pitch shifter and oscillator... the secondary features are easy with a cheat sheet nearby and I remember them after a few days of use with some tape machines and a microphone. Ti…

  • Verified Purchase

    Hice synth pedal

  • Verified Purchase

    Nothing else like it, a true synth pedal that tracks incredibly well, even with detuned strings.

  • Amazingly misunderstood synth

    I own the Enzo, and like a few of these reviewers, have run into difficulty trying to tune in a good tone. But I just kept going with it and WOW. In the end it was entirely worth all the effort. This pedal does not claim to deliver some instant, fast food synth tones, but demands that you learn it …