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Reviews for the Maxon OD-808X Extreme Overdrive
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  • Want Maxon? Better to go with OD-808 or possibly the ST-9 Supertube

    Verified Purchase

    Not bad, not great. For me, this pedal doesn't do enough good to move a user away from the traditional green box (or two of them, or a green box and a boost+EQ with it), but my application is metal. I imagine the Maxon ST-9 DOES offer more though. One detail about this pedal: you will find that it…

  • A Crunchy Trebled Tube Screamer

    Verified Purchase

    Maxon’s description of this pedal is very accurate, so I’ll more or less reiterate: Hard clipping, no mid-hump, slightly cuts yet tightens the bass, and adds a truckload of treble. The tone knob at zero is bright and at full is blinding. Though I use boost pedals sparingly I enjoy the cut and defin…

  • Not your grandaddy's overdrive

    Verified Purchase

    So Basically this is a hot-rodded Tubescreamer type overdrive, with more High frequencies and increased drive gain. Pros: More Drive and screaming top end. I use this into the green channel on an EVH 50-watt head with the gain maxxed on the amp, and it sounds amazing!! It can still get that Classi…