After the demise of Malekko's Spring Chicken and Chicklet reverbs, Malekko finally brought back their reverb sound with the Spring Reverb Emulator. Fitting the power of a spring reverb into this pocket-sized pedal, the Malekko Spring Reverb Emulator sports a dwell circuit that gives it nearly bottomless depth and a Mix control for wet/dry. If you missed the Chicklet, picking up its successor is your chance to snag Malekko's reverb sound.

Product Specs

  • Spring Reverb Emulator
  • Pink
  • 2012
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Malekko Spring Reverb Emulator
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  • Not bad, but...

    I have a few gripes against this pedal. It didn't last long on my board. Firstly, the knobs feel a bit flimsy and not high quality. The Dwell (decay) does not go to a short enough interval for my liking. If I want a present, but short, slappy reverb, it's not possible to get with this pedal. The bes…

  • Malekko reverb

    Verified Purchase

    I like the sound of this pedal a little mild, could not be more simple to operate, no bells & whistles /Just a good sounding solid little pedal

  • Excellent Spring Reverb Emulator

    Verified Purchase

    There are only a few decent pedals that emulate Spring Reverb well, and this one sounds great! The small platform is an added bonus.

  • Didn't work..

    Verified Purchase

    Didn't work. Just a slow click noise over and over.

  • Best spring reverb ever

    Verified Purchase

    This thingy sounds like a reverb tank in the smallest pedal enclosure available, congratulations to Malekko for being super awesome this is the reverb i've been waiting all my life for <3