Crafted with a four-knob layout that includes an intuitive texture knob which blends germanium and silicon transistors for sounds from smooth vintage warmth to sputtering Velcro choke, the Magnetic Effects White Atom offers a world of fuzz in a single chassis. Choose the specific flavor you're after on the Texture knob and refine your sound with gain and tone knobs that adjust according to your mix of transistors for decades of fuzz tone in a single package.

Product Specs

  • White Atom Fuzz
  • White/Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Magnetic Effects White Atom Fuzz
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  • Phenomenal fuzz

    This fuzz goes from spitty Velcro to lush classic fuzz and everywhere in between. Just a wonderfully musical and versatile pedal

  • J’adore

    Verified Purchase

    Après avoir lu plusieurs articles élogieux sur internet et dans la presse ainsi que quelques écoutes démo je le suis lancé et suis très satisfait. Le boîtier est à la limite d’etre un peu léger mais sur un pedalboard avec des velcros aucun souci c’es’y bien fini et prévu pour durer. Les prises sont …

  • Magnetic Effects White Atom

    Verified Purchase

    I've had this pedal for a few months now, so this review is not within the "honeymoon effect" time period. The White Atom very quickly became my favorite fuzz as I A/B'ed it with my other fuzzes, of which I have many. It is not only my most versatile fuzz, it is also the best sounding. Sure, that's …