Designed to emulate the sine-based trem of the '50s, the Mad Professor Mellow Yellow Tremolo comes as both hand-wired and BIF Design models. Letting you dial in soft, swinging tremolo or deeper modulation, the Mellow Yellow is calibrated for symmetrical modulation using a sinusoidal oscillator just like many vintage amps. Its highly playable and musical trem can fit essentially anywhere in a setup, blending wonderfully with clean and dirty tones.

Product Specs

  • Mellow Yellow Tremolo
  • Yellow
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the Mad Professor Mellow Yellow Tremolo
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  • Mellow Yellow Tremolo

    Verified Purchase

    Very smooth and lush sounding tremolo pedal. Entirely transparent and easy to use. Sounds good clean, with OD, or with fuzz. Having the level knob is a nice feature. If you want classic amp type tremolo without the bells and whistles, this is the pedal.

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  • Verified Purchase

    Nice,clean sounding pedal.however I wish the light did not pulsate with the speed it’s kind of annoying .

  • Verified Purchase

    Everything I asked for. I bought this for a rockabilly band. Play through a USA Fender Blues Deluxe, with upgraded U.S. made RCA tubes......Spokane Music Institute hand made "crunch effect" pedal ( I forget the actual name, but SMI pedals are also awesome/amazing...check em out!), and MXR Delay ped…