Get the overdriven, fat sound of a tube amp pushed to its limits with the Amp Eleven Overdrive by Lovepedal. For fans of more subtle overdrive, the Amp Eleven can take you from even the slightest of overdrives up to a mild, tasteful distortion using its extra boost circuit. With a footswitch, you can switch between this boost circuit and another, totally independent OD channel for a variety of sounds.

Product Specs

  • Amp Eleven
  • Blue
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Lovepedal Amp Eleven
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  • No love here

    Verified Purchase

    First, I think the pedal is 90% fantastic. The problem I am having is the boost side makes a very ugly noise when thirds are played. It sounds like an octave pedal. As long as this interval is never played the sound is amazing. When I sent an inquiry to the company to find out if this is typical ope…

  • Verified Purchase

    I’ve gone through many different overdrives and finally found the sound I was looking for. Plus I love the boost.

  • Would give 6 Stars

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal is probably the best I've played when run as the very first pedal in a chain. The responsiveness is unparalleled and just by manipulating the volume and tone on the guitar there are so many sounds possible with minimal volume loss. However this placement is not possible for me and so I am…

  • Verified Purchase

    Great pedal.

  • Lives Up To Expectation

    Verified Purchase

    I first saw this pedal on That Pedal Show and I thought it would get me to where I wanted to be. Then I found other players demo the pedals which led to my purchase. The pedals sounds great on my platform. I use it with two to drive my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe. It works equally well with my Blues…