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Reviews for the Line 6 ToneCore Verbzilla Reverb Pedal
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  • Super Durable and High Quality Versatility

    I've had a Verbzilla on my board for several years. It's built like a tank, went on the road with me across the country more than once and never faltered. There is a wide variety of great, usable sounds and has one of the first shimmer (they called it Octo) reverbs to ever hit the market at the ti…

  • Love this reverberator

    Verified Purchase

    I had to get this and am going to acquire many more obscure reverbs and delays thanks to Andy Lutton's playing. I love the Octo, Hall and Plate fully ethereal it makes me sleepy, lol. It was hard for me to choose just one so my next pickup will be the Cathedral so I can freeze the trails a…

  • loved it so much , i bought 2. cheap way to get U2 shimmer/string effect.

  • Ugly but beautiful

    Verified Purchase

    Most people will be put off by the horrendous looks of this pedal. It really is an ugly looking design. However, put this up against any Boss reverb, Earthquaker etc. and it really holds its own. I only use the Plate and Cave setting. Plate for amazing clean tones, and cavern for overdriven riffs. I…

  • Love the shimmer octo tone

    Verified Purchase

    I bought this mostly for the octo, which is a really great sound, well worth the money for that tone alone, even better when you apply some delay to it as well. You can hear this similar tone being used in the second and third verses of U2 Pride in the name of love as well, during the picking parts.…