The FBV Express MKII by Line 6 is a small foot controller designed to function with their line of POD modelers and Spider amplifiers, giving you totally hands-free control over your Spider or POD products. With a full sized expression pedal, a chromatic tuner, four channel switches, and more, the FBV Express MKII takes the functionality and ease of the FBV Shortboard and puts it in smaller, more convenient housing.

Product Specs

  • FBV Express MKII Guitar Footswitch
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • China

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Reviews for the Line 6 FBV Express MKII
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  • Line 6 MKII foot controller

    Verified Purchase

    #1 Pedal will not work on some patches. That sucks. #2 Only scrolls up and down you can't change bank you still have to select setting on amp which kinda defeats the purpose of a foot controller. Get it, "FOOT CONTROLLER"!! Should have done more research. Pedal is kinda useless...

  • Must if you own a Line 6

    I was able to use this with the Spider 3 for gigging while stationed in Africa (long story) Does what you would expect it to do: switch between presets, access the tuner, volume control. It's affordable enough that if you are looking at this pedal, just buy the thing already!

  • Great

    Verified Purchase

    Does just as depicted, easy to use, have no problems with it

  • Nice accessory

    Verified Purchase

    Works seamlessly with my Line 6 Spider Classic 15- makes my little practice amp really fun and easy to experiment with different sounds.

  • As advertised

    Verified Purchase

    I bought this as a gift based on my already owning one. Very nice control pedal that adds a wah wah, a volume pedal and a hands free tuner to yoru Line 6 amp. 4 presets are plenty for ,y use.