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The appropriately named Keeley DynaTrem gives you a full, dynamic tremolo that responds directly to your playing. Express yourself unfettered using the Rate and Depth controls to adjust the pedal's sensitivity. The DynaTrem's three modes are Dynamic Rate, Dynamic Depth, and Harmonic Tremolo + Reverb, the last of which creates soulful phase-like vibes. You can even choose one of four wave-forms with the Shape knob for total control over your sonic palette!

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Product Specs

  • DynaTrem Dynamic Tremolo
  • Silver / Red Graphic
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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More Information

The Keeley Dynatrem is built to provide a wide spectrum of tremolo voicings through a four-way shape control for different waveforms and a three-way switch for dynamic rate, dynamic depth and harmonic tremolo/reverb modes.