The Keeley Bassist, also known as the Keeley Bassist Limiting Amplifier, is a compression pedal that pulls in technology typically reserved for rack units, particularly the Corp 4320 chip. Control your sound with the Compression, Threshold, and Gain knobs for the ultimate in bass compression. Its high-fidelity, VCA-based system can handle massive signals without compromising your bass's tone. Think of it as a rackmount limiter squashed into a pedal at your feet.

Product Specs

  • Bassist Bass Compressor
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States
Pedal Format
  • Standard

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Reviews for the Keeley Bassist
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  • Keely Bassist

    Verified Purchase

    I honestly tried most every type of compression bass pedals and some were good, and some just O.K. They tended to squash the lower registers or made to much noise in general trying to match unity gain of my bass, this has all changed. There is something Keely is doing that is a higher level of qua…

  • easy to use

    Verified Purchase

    Sounds great. Easy to use for people who don't know too much about compressors.

  • Incredibly Responsive and Natural Sounding Compressor!

    Verified Purchase

    I've owned a lot of compressors, some rack and some pedals and this is by far the most intuitive and natural sounding one I've played. This is a permanent addition to my pedal board, and is always on (last ) to give me complete control over my sound.

  • Where is the compression voodo?

    Verified Purchase

    Gain and Threshold work, no doubt or question about that, the Compressor however is suspect. I really can’t hear any “compression” being added, I’ve tried every single ratio and I’m still not hearing a difference. Not sure if it’s me or if I’m not doing something right, I did have other people liste…

  • Great, intuitive

    Easiest pedal compressor I've been able to use in my rig. Super clean sounding and sounds musical at any ratio. You won't be able to get an intense swell effect with this guy, but for 90% of compressor or limiter usage it will get the job done without any finicky controls. If you need more the Keele…