Built with a range of features like three-band EQ, drive and level control, and a large-box design, the Joyo American Sound Overdrive pins down vintage-inspired tweed amp tone in a single box. Designed to emulate the beautifully organic overdriven tone of a '57 Fender Deluxe, the American Sound's affordability and timeless tone make it a first-round draft pick.

Product Specs

  • American Sound
  • Orange
  • 2010s
Made In
  • China

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Reviews for the Joyo American Sound Overdrive
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  • Verified Purchase

    Sounds great as a boost. Mild adjustments in the EQ and voice provide very nice results. Until you turn up the drive too far, then it just gets ugly.

  • As advertised for sure...

    Verified Purchase

    This does indeed deliver a Fender type tone and for $30 it's hard to argue its not worth the money. One caveat in my case is that I'm using it through an ampeg reverberocket 212, which is already fairly close to a Fender Twin tone...so can't say for certain if it'd take a completely non-Fender tone …

  • WOW!

    Verified Purchase

    I had...I sold it...A Tech21 Blonde Deluxe...the Joyo American sounds much better. More head room and the EQ is better. And the price is great. I bought two. I use it live, straight into the mixer and I got the extra for backup.

  • American Sound vs Tech 21 Blonde

    Verified Purchase

    They sound very close and I really didn't have a preference. But, the one down side to the American Sound is that it added some base noise that wouldn't be a problem at louder volumes, but playing quietly at home, it was very noticeable. Other than that, Joyo did a good job emulating the Blonde at a considerably lower price.

  • Verified Purchase

    Because this is the ultra-rare 'sports car' edition, this pedal goes even Faster than all the others. Leaves 'em in the dust. The fuel-injected germanium chip is just like a 413 sittin' under the hood. Joyo's version of a Little Deuce American Sound Coupe. A+++