Part of JHS' Panther series of analog delays, the Panther V2 takes the original design, adds a few improvements, and packs it into a much smaller enclosure. Based around four bucket brigade chips, this pedal includes a four-position ratio control, tap tempo, and a real-time blinking LED.

Product Specs

  • Panther Cub V2
  • Blue
  • 2018

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Reviews for the JHS Panther Cub V2
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  • Verified Purchase

    Great analog delay. Super cool being able to control how bright or dark the repeats are.

  • Good stuff

    Verified Purchase

    Great sounding analog delay. The EQ knob for the delays is the real game changer on this one as is the tap tempo. Lot of versatility to be found in this small box. It did take a while to dial in the right levels. The mix knob seems to be very sensitive. It seems to bring the delays up from being bar…

  • Verified Purchase

    I’ve fall in love with the panther cub! When I saw this smaller version it felt like Christmas all over again! Great analog sounds!

  • Amazing & Powerful

    Verified Purchase

    Is my first JHS pedal and a huge upgrade from my MXR Carbon Copy. I love the ability to change from bright to dark and the delay repetitions are very smooth...

  • Great pedal but...

    Verified Purchase

    I got rid of my Panther Cub V1.5 for the V2 version. Both great delay pedals but I wish I would have kept the V1.5. The repeats just sound subtlety better on the V1.5. The repeats on the V2 are not as clean and sound slightly distorted even after flipping the internal roar switch. Although the ton…