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This tiny boost pedal by JHS packs a punch with just a volume and range knob. If you pair the JHS Banana Boost with any tube amp, you can shape your tone with extreme precision. Headroom isn't an issue with the Banana Boost's Volume knob and the Range knob can take you from Rangemaster/Treble Booster tones to a boost that hits your full range. Placement of this pedal is important: placed before dirt boxes, it can really drive up the saturation to the extreme and placed after, the Banana Boost will push up exactly what it hears.

Product Specs

  • Banana Boost
  • Yellow
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States
Reviews for the JHS Banana Boost
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  • JHS Banana Boost

    Verified Purchase

    Two types of boost in one very nice sounds very flexable pedal and I dont even really use boost that much think ill keep this one though

  • Great Boost

    Great Boost. Loved having it on my board

  • Verified Purchase

    Overall a decent sounding pedal for just straight into an amp. When you start stacking it with other stuff it's not the best.

  • Full Range Boost.

    Verified Purchase

    Simply amazing! I prefer the blend knob dimed all the way. If I need more higher frequencies in my signal, I'll move it counter clockwise just a bit. Perfect!

  • Versatile boost.

    Verified Purchase

    Plenty of extra volume to push your amp and for solo boosts. The sweep knob is where the magic is, all the left for the Rangemaster Treble boost and all the way to the right for a volume push without losing your overall frequencies. What's great is that you can find your sweet spot in between.