Expanding on the immense power of the standard reissue, the JangleBox JB3 Compression/Sustainer Pedal packs in new features and functionality for a true studio-grade effects experience. Built on a two-stage compression circuit, the JB3 is able to call on components like a dual output and a reconceived IC chip that provides the most reliable compression yet. Top it off with attractive bits like tweakable J-Boost Gain and J-Boost Bass & Treble controls and individual EQs on each side of the pedal for what might be the last compressor you'll ever need.

Product Specs

  • JB3 Compression/Sustainer Pedal
  • Black
  • 2010s

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Reviews for the JangleBox JB3 Compression/Sustainer Pedal
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  • JB3

    Verified Purchase

    The JangleBox JB3, like all the JangleBox products, takes your average "Rick" and helps to create a studio-like tone ! But let's not stop there....let's try any guitar through it and experience some very interesting sounds and vibes. The extra versatility of the JB3 is great for the tone-tweekers bu…