The Ibanez Tube King Compressor is a compression and boost pedal with knobs to control input Sensitivity, matching the output of the guitar's pickup, Attack for pick sensitivity, and Sustain to tweak the duration of a signal at a constant level before fading. The TC999 was produced in Japan and is currently out of production, and is considered rare.

Product Specs

  • TC999 Tube King Compressor
  • Silver Sparkle
  • 2000s

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Reviews for the Ibanez TC999 Tube King Compressor
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  • Cool. Great compressor

    Verified Purchase

    Cool. Great compressor

  • Great coloured sound!

    Great compressor for people who don’t necessary like compressors. It colours your signal in a beautiful way, even in bypass mode it takes down the woofiness from your bass and guitar. Replaced the tube with a NOS 12AU7 and the operation is very quiet and defined. You can listen to the transient o…