• The Mezzo Series Medium Scale basses feature a 32" scale length, Maple Neck, Poplar Body, and 2-band EQ
  • Available in Candy Apple Matte, Sapphire Blue Metallic, Roadster Orange Metallic, Sea Foam Pearl Green, Aqua Green, and Vintage White

Product Specs

  • SRMD200-CAM Mezzo Medium Scale Bass
  • SRMD200-ROM Mezzo Medium Scale Bass
  • SRMD200-SBM Mezzo Medium Scale Bass
  • SRMD200-SPN Mezzo Medium Scale Bass
  • SRMD200K-AQG Mezzo Medium Scale Bass
  • SRMD200K-VWH Mezzo Medium Scale Bass
  • Aqua Green
  • Candy Apple Matte
  • Roadster Orange Metallic
  • Sapphire Blue Metallic
  • Sea Foam Pearl Green
  • Vintage White
  • 2019
Body Shape
  • Double Cutaway

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Reviews for the Ibanez SRMD200 Mezzo Medium Scale Bass
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  • This bass is sweet

    Verified Purchase

    I've been playing guitar twenty something years and finally knew I needed to have a bass around. This bass feels and plays great. There are very few medium scale basses out there that I could find in my research. The short scale Fender Mustang felt a bit too small and flabby to me. I didn't try a to…

  • Value Purchase

    Verified Purchase

    Not a bass player, so take this for what it is worth but I find a medium scale bass perfect unlike a small or long scale bass. Pleased with this purchase.

  • Great Bass for the Price Point

    Verified Purchase

    You get a LOT of bass at this price point. It is a bright playing bass, with roundwounds, especially with the treble EQ engaged. Some tips- tuners are okay, but I would recommend replacing down the road. They're not as stable in holding tune as I had hoped. Replace strings with nylon tape wounds …

  • Behold the Fender Mustang P/J Killer

    Verified Purchase

    Behold the Fender Mustang P/J killer. Ibanez clearly had the perennially popular Fender Mustang Bass in its sights when it designed the new Ibanez SR Mezzo, and what a great job Ibanez has done! I've sold a lot of Fender Mustang basses over the last couple years on Reverb through Bruce's Short Sc…

  • Verified Purchase

    very nice