Years of Production: 1987 - 1989

Product Specs

  • FC10 Fat Cat
  • Green
  • 1990s
Made In
  • Japan

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Reviews for the Ibanez FC10 Fat Cat
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  • Great sounding pedal

    Verified Purchase

    I bought this pedal to use on a bass synthesizer, as I had good results with Pro Co Rats with that. The result is even better with the fat cat: It has a really nice sound, handles resonance very wel and does not loose a lot of bass or volume. It might be a clone but to me it sounds even better. very solid built too.

  • First pedal I ever bought

    I bought one of these years and years ago...As time went by, it found itself way back there in the pedal locker. I eventually painted it flat black and swapped out the knobs. On a whim, I dusted it off today, plugged it in (the battery wire is snapped), and for the first time ever, stacked it with …

  • Fat cat!

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal really caught me by surprise. I love it. It doesn't have the mid hump like the tubescreamer. It can be dialed in for a slight od all the up to raging fuzz. The volume and tone knob on your guitar makes a huge difference so it takes some tweeking but it really is a wonderful pedal.