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Reviews for the Hughes & Kettner Redbox 5 DI and Cabinet Emulator
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  • Not equal to the ADA box

    Verified Purchase

    I heard SO much about this miracle of direct cab boxes when a fair price came along I grabbed it....but was soon disappointed. Tho it IS better than nothing, I feel that the ADA Cab Box sound more realistic to the cabs it emulate, the RedBox does not even stand up to my cab IR's. Sorely disappointed......

  • Bought this to get away from mic'ing in live situations. I love the sound of the Red Box and I don't have to deal with bleed-through from the other amps and drums on stage. Best money I've spent on my live rig. Buy this .

  • Verified Purchase

    I got this to help improve the tone of my Line 6 HD500X direct to PA. It made it only a little better, a little fuller. I also bought the Joyo American Sound. That pedal transformed the sound - it was amazing!