Founded in 2001 in Phoenix, Arizona, HomeBrew Electronics (HBE) began in the garage of owner Joel Weaver. The company crafts affordable, boutique effects by a team consisting of Joel, his wife, and two employees.

The Psilocybe is a phase sifter featuring switch controls for filter and EQ as well as speed and wave form.

Product Specs

  • Psilocybe Phaser
  • Navy
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the HomeBrew Electronics Psilocybe Phaser
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  • Stuck on my board till death do us part... no less

    Amazing phaser/vibrato pedal. Always liquid and organic... delivers everything from subtle to dizzy modulations in frequency filtering (the two shift switches let you choose between different filter types) and the LFO is flowing like none. Lovingly enhancing your tone making it round but not muddy …