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The Starfire XII was introduced as a 12-string version of Starfire IV and V. Like the rest of the Starfire series, the Starfire XII was part of Guild's efforts to break into the electric guitar market in the '60s. While these semi-hollowbodies are considered fine instruments and were adopted by some players at the time, they are of far less interest to collectors than their Gibson equivalents such as the ES-335. 

Years of Production: 1966 - 1973

Body Style: Double cutaway semi-hollowbody

Wood Composition:  Laminated Maple or Mahogany body, three-piece Maple/Mahogany neck, Rosewood fingerboard 

Design Elements: Two humbucker pickups, chrome-plated hardware, harp tailpiece, four control knobs

Notable Starfire Players: Buddy Guy, Lightening Hopkins, Jerry Garcia

Product Specs

  • Starfire XII
  • Cherry
  • 1966

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