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Reviews for the Guardian CG-020-HS Hardshell Shallow Hollow-Body Guitar Case
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  • Fit my D'Angelico Premier DC like a glove

    Verified Purchase

    This is a reasonably priced, reasonable quality case. I have noticed that it takes a bit of push and pull to get the case aligned and closed, hopefully the case will take to its newfound shape eventually. The latches seem fine and the lining is soft. Would I put a $10,000 ES-335 in this case? hmmmm... but for a sub $1k axe, this works fine.

  • Not a bad, budget ES-335 case

    Verified Purchase

    As my title suggests, this is a decent, budget, thinline hollowbody ( ES-335) case. It functions as intended. I bought it for a 335 styled electric. I'm pleased with it.