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The Great River ME-1NV modernizes the classic British console preamp design, improving upon what many thought was the pinnacle of audio. Built on the bones of the Neve 1073's preamp, the ME-1NV uses high-quality Sowter transformers for input and output, yielding a larger-than-life tone that stacks extremely well.

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Product Specs

  • ME-1NV Mic Preamp
  • Black
  • 2000s
Made In
  • United States

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Separately controllable input and output gain stages mean you can run the ME-1NV as clean as a whistle by backing off the input gain, or with a bit of harmonic crunch by pushing up the input and dialing back the output fader. The impedance and loading switches also change the tone quite a bit, providing tons of options to dial in the exact sound you need on any track. A single patch send/return patch point lets you insert your favorite outboard gear in between the ME-1NV's gain stages, though the EQ-1NV is the perfect partner to this amazing mic pre.