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The Fulltone 2B is a compact, transparent boost pedal derived from the popular FD3 circuit. Keeping your guitar's tone pure and retaining all the dynamics and body, the 2B's clever design also rolls out ultra-high frequency content as you get the level knob higher than half-way up the dial to smooth out any harshness that can happen at higher gain settings.

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Product Specs

  • 2B Boost with Limiter
  • Silver
  • 2015
Made In
  • United States

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More Information

When the 2B is bypassed, it acts as a unity gain buffer so if you've got a long cable run or pedal chain, your tone won't suffer just because the boost is out of the equation. For good measure and a bit of extra tone, the 2B features a germanium diode limiter to even out big transients and spikes that could easily beat up the front end and speakers of your amp, acting as a fast, smart compressor.