The Friedman BE-OD overdrive pedal nails the sound of the company's BE-100 "Brown Eye" amp, perfect for getting that saturated tube amp character from a cleaner amp. All the controls from the Brown Eye amp are packed into this rugged, compact pedal, including the tone control section and "Tight" knob to masterfully sculpt your tone and get convincing boutique amp sounds from any rig. From subtle, present crunch to fat and saturated lead sounds, the BE-OD can get you where you want to go and then some.

Product Specs

  • BE-OD Overdrive
  • Black
  • 2010s
Made In
  • United States

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Reviews for the Friedman BE-OD Overdrive Pedal
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  • Friedman BE-OD Overdrive Pedal

    Verified Purchase

    This pedal is very special.... I run it on clean channels of 2 amp setup...Sustain is unbelievable !... Gain is even more unbelievable ! Very natural sounding ! .....( ps, if you really wanna have some fun, throw a digitech "the drop" in front of it :-) )

  • Friedman BE in a pedal

    The BE-OD is really an amp-in-a-box pedal. I'm using it with my Smallbox combo, which is supposed to be a plexi-style tone on one channel and a more vintage-voiced BE on the other channel. When running the BE-OD through this amp, I get a tighter, gainier but very similar version to my channel 2 voic…

  • Verified Purchase

    BE-OD is extremely articulate and responsive (whisper/scream), controls are really dialed. I plugged it into a real piece of shit amp, voila magic doo doo, I couldn't get over how great the pedal sounded. My 100 watt JCM800 was smiling and shitting itself over in the corner of my room. So... I had…

  • dig it

    Verified Purchase

    Sounds like a Marshall in my clean channel, great for recording wow, Too thumpy in my boogie but works there as a lead boost again wow

  • Sounds like a good Marshall

    Verified Purchase

    This is not a great pedal for classic rock sound. Even with the gain at 1 it's a lot, but it sounds great if what you are looking for is a high-paying Marshall sound.