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The Fender Musicmaster II was a short-lived transitional model during the CBS takeover that featured the same design as the original Musicmaster (a 3/4 scale student model introduced in 1956) but with a regular 25.5" scale length. 

It was only offered with one single coil pickup at the neck from the factory. Specimens are often seen with bridge pickups, however, as this is a popular model to modify. 

Years of Production: 1964 - 1969

Finish Specifications: Olympic White is more desirable than Dakota Red.

Unique to this Year: 1966 is often recognized as the first full year of CBS-controlled production, though CBS bought the company in January of '65.

Product Specs

  • Musicmaster II with Rosewood Fretboard
  • Dakota Red
  • Daphne Blue
  • Olympic White
  • 1964 - 1969
Made In
  • United States

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